Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Lawbreaker

From the Journal Gazette: Brown fails to show for court date, pays fine late

Ouch. Is it that hard to show up to court, admit your guilt and pay the fine? Did she just forget to show up? I'd imagine the Mayor's schedule is a lot more demanding and just forgetting things will have greater consequences.

She should probably go see her biggest blogosphere supporter. He's been sued and has gone through bankruptcy...he probably has some great legal advice.


DAVID C "ROACH" said...

did you catch the jailhouse orange jacket Liz was wearing at the 2-22-2011 city council meeting?
to find out where the cops are:
or to report a site:
To find out where the cops ARENT:
"Out *&%#@ Standing", Chief York!
I guess it more important to raise money for the city coffers than to keep the citizens safe from fugitives, and outlaws?

DAVID C "ROACH" said...


Phil Marx said...

So you're not going to tell us who the blogger is?

Phil Marx said...

Where the cops aren't ... 6870 FUGITIVE WARRANTS OUTSTANDING TODAY! - Funny!

I was checking my cameras a while back and saw a car drive the wrong way in front of my house. They turned onto Warsaw and drove right into a patrol car. I think any FWPD officer who has trouble meeting their quota should just transfer to my area of town for a few weeks. They'll easily get enough tickets to cover the whole year.