Thursday, August 30, 2007

My River's Northside

Plans for the River North project, aka OmniSource, were released -

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Surprise, surprise, people are screaming about a water park. I don't really understand the hype about having a water park, but I guess people want the equivalent of Fun Spot on water - does anyone remember Diamond Jims?

I guess we are also doing some major reworking of roads for the project, Main will now intersect with 6th, two East/Wests will cross...

or maybe the project planners need to study downtown roads again.


Andrew Kaduk said...

I am 100% with you on the water park sentiment. What a stupid idea. That would lose its novelty in about 18 minutes.

Now, swan-shaped pedal boats would be bitchin!

Anonymous said...

does anyone remember Diamond Jims?

Diamond Jim's likely failed because of its inability to have revenue year round. Hopefully if we get a water park it will be enclosed or enclose- able.

I am not a water park person but they are very popular and they are making their way to the sticks.

John Good said...

Agreed. I, too, am not a big water park fan. But the enclosed year-round ones attract MAJOR crowds!

Rachel said...


They attract major crowds in places where people are already accustomed to traveling (Sandusky, the Wisconsin Dells, Shipshewana).

I'm glad to hear some people standing up against this silly waterpark idea. I've been opposed to it from the beginning at this site.

MichaelK said...

I put the fact that we're still in the top 10 fat states and this together, and the outcome isn't pretty.

But yeah, I remember Diamond Jim's... from when I was a little kid. When did that go away, anyway?

Diamond Jim said...


John is right. An enclosed water park would do wonders. It's right next to Science Central and Headwaters Park, both of which attract crowds. It would be a nice addition. The again, you're a YLNI know-it-all.

Anonymous said...

Nay sayers, take a two hour trip to Crown Point, IN, this weekend and visit Deep River Waterpark, which is owned and operated by Lake County. I went there this summer because I was visiting family, but I ran into some poeple from Woodburn while I was there. Recently, my coworker took her family to this park and said that she will go back.

I would agree that Downtown is probably not the best location for something like this in Allen County, but I do think that it could be a success if properly located.

This is a history of the park, which can be found on their website,

"1995 saw Deep River Waterpark open to the public with a wave pool, two body slides, one tube slide, a slow river ride, and a children’s play zone which included smaller slides and water play.
From the first year, it was apparent to all involved that the Waterpark was under-built to meet public demand. While planners expected the facility to be popular, even park department officials were surprised by its attendance. Designed to serve about 140,000 visitors the first year attendance was 220,000.

In 1996, to help meet demand, the “Storm,” a three dark ride slide complex, was added to the park only one year after the park opened.
1999 was another year of expansion. New to the Waterpark was the “Dragon,” a speed slide complex that stands taller than any other structure in the park. Guests daring enough to try the Dragon feel like they’re free falling to the ground. They cover the 60-foot drop in a couple of seconds. Additionally, two new food and beverage areas, more restrooms, chairs, tables, and shade structures were added. The ever-popular park mascot, “Paddles T. Otter,” continued to make appearances throughout the season, and the Waterpark continued to exceed its projected attendance for each of its first five years of operation.

During 2004, even prior to the park gates closing on Labor Day, construction began on improvements for the 2005 season. The expansion was developed to the west of the original park and did not impact the daily operations. In fact, park visitors curiously watched the development.

2005 saw the Waterpark nearly double in size in an expansion that included the addition of an interactive family play structure for all ages, an action river, dueling bowl slides, more food stands, and visitor amenities. Adjoining the new entrance was the expanded parking lot and bus drop-off areas. Improvements were designed to serve more park visitors and serve them more quickly. While in the past the number of daily visitors the site could comfortably handle was about 5,000. With the expansion, caring capacity is more like 7,000.

Also, as part of the expansion was the construction of an outdoor ice plaza for winter use. Beneath the concrete plaza are miles of interacting coils designed to freeze a shallow layer of water when temperatures fall below 40 degrees F. The skating plaza opened the day after Thanksgiving to gathering crowds. In addition to filling a need in the region, the skating plaza added days of operation for the seasonal park."

Anonymous said...

Check out this new blog:


J Q Taxpayer said...

I for one have no problem with the concept these fine people came up with for the most part. They worked hard and should be thanked for it.

My first problem deals with the property. I wrote and extended statement on my blog. I did not feel writing one as long as that belonged taking up space on some other site.

My second issue deals with the St. Mary's River and I hope to post my concerns Friday.

My issues do not mean I am opposed to the project but that some things need to be addressed before we committ the money to even buying the property.

Anonymous said...

If this happens, it's at least 30 years down the road

AmericanWhiteGuy said...

anonymous 4:23,

Tack another 20 years onto that estimate if Kelty gets elected.

Anonymous said...

If Kelty gets elected it certainly won't happen this way and it certainly shouldn't

Anonymous said...

Kelty actually tried to help a guy from out of town get a water park in Fort Wayne 4 or 5 years ago, but no one in the City thought it was worth investing or pursuing. So you see, yet again you dont know what you are talking about! I know because he told me about it at the time he was doing it. King Richards poo hood it!

Anonymous said...

It was a Christain water park and you had to be a believer to enter.

Anonymous said...

ok, now that's funny, I don't care who you are, that there is funny.

stupid hibilly, do you ever have anything positive to say? or give anyone credit? You give us Dem's a bad name.