Friday, April 13, 2007

My Tag Team Duo with Sam T.

I was reading the editorials this morning - HERE

I think I'm a lot like Sam T., law abiding citizen, bull rider at heart. The fact that this editorializer doesn't understand is that you can only present the facts to people, if they refuse to believe what is laid in front of them - then its time to do battle.


I see where Fort Wayne City Councilman Sam Talarico Jr., R-at large, is at it again. In debating the baseball stadium part of the Harrison Square project with opponents of that concept, he seems to find it necessary to insult those folks rather than debate the issue in a professional and dignified manner. -Yes Sam, how dare you wear a suit and present your case. I found it a little insulting that you didnt wear cut offs and a tanktop. No? Not what the author meant? Oh. Sam - I personally think you should throw out challenges for a steal cage match rumble.

Talarico’s comments following the March 27 City Council meeting would certainly qualify as his best performance in that regard. He claimed that those who say we already have a baseball stadium and we don’t need another one are wrong. He went on to say that “we do not have a baseball stadium. We have a baseball stadium (he just contradicted himself) in the middle of a parking lot that has no catalytic effect,” whatever that means. With that comment, he just insulted every person who had a hand in bringing minor-league baseball to Fort Wayne with the building of Memorial Stadium. - I believe this is where the guy looses all credibility. No only does the author get the quote wrong, but the speaker as well. CHECK IT OUT (the website is nice - take a minute and look around) - Its on the first box quote. I may be wrong, I personally didn't speak to Sam after the meeting, maybe these two had some words. Which part does he not understand?? - that the current stadium is in the middle of a parking lot or the stadium hasn't been a catalyst for ANYTHING. This isn't an insult, it is just a fact. Maybe this guy was the deal clincher between the Twins and Fort Wayne, to that congratulations, but you scrimped us on the stadium.

Carrying his logic one step further, since the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum is also “in the middle of a parking lot,” perhaps that building is next on his “move to downtown” list. He could have an insult field day with that one. -hmmmmm, well hot damn there's an idea. Did you think of that all by yourself or did you look at the last decade of FW history?

Being for or against the downtown baseball stadium is not the issue here. It is Talarico’s acidic remarks directed at those who just happen to disagree with him on this issue. Such remarks do not befit his standing in the community as an elected official. - He's probably right Sam. As your new campaign manager, I'd say you probably shouldn't run again, I know you really haven't put much thought into it yet, but I just feel its for the best. I just ran some polls in Roanoke, and it doesn't look good. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to put your name in the write-in box at the next election.


Anonymous said...

How exactly is it insulting to say that you believe someone is wrong? Insulting would be if you said that someone is an idiot, backwards, a troglodyte, a hick.....THOSE are insults.

Get the difference?

INplanner said...

CFW, you would make a poor campaign manager. Every time there is a letter of opposition in the paper you fly off the handle. Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? I am deeply concerned.

If they build a stadium downtown I'm sure it would be a nice amenity. My only concern is the relatively limited use of the stadium. The project would have greater long-term feasibility if it had a multi-use venue. The remainder of the project (retail, residential, etc.) and the surrounding areas would a benefit from a facility that can attract people to the area on a year-round basis.

Anonymous said...

Are you a campaign manager?

Hmm multi use venue??

Are you from the Peters campaign?

Change Fort Wayne said...

inplanner -

fly off the handle. i'm just simply pointing out misconceptions and errors. I try to do this in a humorous way.

I guess my humor is lost.

Andrew Kaduk said...


Like a pole barn that can host both cattle judging, dog shows, flea markets etc?

Andy said...

I don't think CFW is flying off the handle at all. My take is CFW is passionate about making downtown FW better, which is clearly a good thing. Had this town had CFW's blog site back in the 90's the revitalization of FW's downtown might already be well on track. Keep it coming CFW.

Change Fort Wayne said...

Andy - I think you might be giving us a bit too much credit, but thanks.

I find the editorials as some of the most entertaining part of the day's newspaper. It gives you inside look on what people are actually thinking. Editorials also give people a soapbox to shout opinions out without a response. Well, I'm the guy in the front row throwing the rotten vegetables.

INplanner said...
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INplanner said...

Haha, no, I am not with the Peters campaign nor am I voting for him (or Kelty for that matter). I said he would make a horrible campaign manager because, well, if you don't get it...nevermind.

Ok, yeah, I know, I shouldn't have been throwing around all those fancy $10 worlds like "multi-use".

For those who need assistance, "multi" means "many". Sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous said...


Peters has been an advocate of multi-use sporting facilities downtown.

You said "he project would have greater long-term feasibility if it had a multi-use venue. "

well, if you don't get it...nevermind.

INplanner said...

Anon....I'm also a white male so I guess that means Peters and I are related. Dang.

kramyelamo said...


Get a name and continue to contribute. The more people we get over here for banter, the better, regardless of position.

I think inplanner brings up a good point, that it would be nice if people will be attracted to Fort Wayne's downtown "center piece" year round, and not just April-September. If it's possible to incorporate something in or with the stadium then I am 100% for it. I want people downtown all year round all day long. I have no idea if he's from the Peters campaign or not, but that is of little relevance to me. As for my cohort, CFW, I think he just really cares about the success of downtown. I don't think it's ever been CFW's goal to be a top notch campaign manager.

I also think Andy gives this site too much credit, but whatever little "good" may come from our occasionally intelligent, sometimes funny, often times stupid commentary then this will have been for the good. We all definitely have Fort Wayne's best interests at heart and want nothing but the best for the city we grew up in and love. We definitely appreciate that comment though, Andy.

Andrew Kaduk said...

I'm not completely in the dark here, but I keep hearing this "multi-use" terminology as if there is some kind of facility that would not only house the Wizards, but also a swim-team, ice skating (why?), a circus, a rodeo and a competitive cheerleading tournament. Oh, plus it would also work for football sectionals and/or regionals. Does that about cover multi-use? What in the hell are people talking about? The ball park is intended to handle baseball, football, concerts and other events. How is this NOT multi-use?

Parson said...

Don't forget the ballet to make Kelty happy.